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Welcome to Record Industry

With 33 presses, Record Industry is the largest vinyl pressing plant in the world. Our production capacity is 30.000 records per day, which can be increased if necessary. Formats available are 7" (on 44 grams), 10" (on 110 grams) and 12" (on 140 and 180 gram). In addition to standard black vinyl, we also offer a variety of coloured vinyl.

Record Industry uses Taunus Ton Technik presses for all of our 12" & 10" vinyl which have been modified for optimal performance.  

We built and installed two brand new 7" presses based on the original framework and upgraded it with a new switch box programmed with up to date software. Our other 7" presses will undergo the same makeover which means your records will be pressed on the worlds most advanced 7" pressing equipment.

All of our presses are fitted with automatic sleeving units. Records come off the press and go straight into the inner sleeves; protecting the vinyl from scuffs and abrasions caused by standard spindle stacking which is the industry standard.

Our in-house mastering rooms are equipped with Neumann VMS cutting lathes. We are equipped to cut on lacquer or DMM. Using the best equipment and the latest software and mastering techniques, we have set the standard for vinyl mastering.